Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bee Check ~

Quick bee update!
Everything is going great this year primarily because the queens are fabulous!!
Here's the bottom deep box full of active bees. Every frame has a nice pattern of brood, pollen & honey across the top of the frame. Textbook! I should have pulled a frame & snapped a picture but I have trouble handling the camera & holding the frame. My 5 &3/4 year old photographer was swinging & didn't want to take pictures.
The bees have already moved up into the second box ~ a medium or shallow. I'm switching over to one deep & mediums on top because they're lighter & easier to handle.

Here's a frame in the medium that just had a started strip on it (also called "foundationless). The bees are drawing out their own comb & it's snow white & beautiful! This beeswax is perfect for lip balm & lotions. I've also had a couple ecaustic painters email & ask about beeswax but they said the going rate for a pound was something like $5? Does anyone know if that is correct? It seems very low to me but I've never sold any wax before. (?) Post a comment & let me know ~
Off to Denali Park for the BIG WILD ADVENTURE!

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