Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year Intention

I'm a lazy blogger these days.
Taking time off to relax, play in the snow & practice the accordion. I have some thoughts lurking in the back of mind about the upcoming wholesale shows in January & February & all the prep I should be making samples, creating a new catalog, planning the booth & displays. Ugh!! I'm trying to suppress the urge to work all day as I promised myself & my family I'd take time off.

I have repeatedly cleaned the studio but it's hard to keep the clutter at bay. I did finish up all my year end accounting & re-organize my file cabinet.  Written in a big font & printed on a piece of paper that was taped to the cover.

It said; "As go your thoughts, so go your intentions. As go your intentions, so goes your life."

I don't remember doing this but in looking at the date & contents of the folder it's apparent I collected this during a few years of a medical crisis that really changed my life. In the new year I think I'll take my own advice!

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