Saturday, November 21, 2009

Show Talk ~

Today was the first day of the Arts Emporium at the convention center. My booth is next to a person who has just started "doing" fused glass. I say "doing" because after 15 years of working with glass I feel like I've seen & tried about every technique invented & reinvented. This person is re-doing glass designs & not really creating anything unique or inspired (only IMHO!!)

Anyway, every once in awhile I'd hear something really interesting & totally bogus about glass work but the best quote today was "oh, that's my really should buy it because it was a full moon when I fired the kiln."

OK, I might fall for that line if I was young (I'm old), naive' (sorry, but I've been around the block), or gullible ( OK ~ I'm old, cynical & well traveled).

However, since I'm basically a production artist & I make my living with my work, I'd be seriously out of business if I only fired the kiln during a full moon cycle! :) But wait...maybe the kiln fires itself during a full moon? Gotta love the sales talk when the work can't do it on it's own!

I had a great day of sales & it wasn't even a full moon!! Thanks to all my friends & great customers who stopped bye to shop & visit. I really appreciate your feedback, support & business.

Here's to a happy holiday season!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Tam! Great to read your blog posts. I found this one pretty entertaining! :)