Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Making Of A Mask ~ Process Not Product!

I'm working on a series of masks. It's been a frustrating process & I haven't been happy with the results. I usually try to use glass left over from other projects or scraps when I'm experimenting due to the expense of fusible glass ~ thus the colors & hodge-podge used below.

I have a few mask molds that I've made & the goal was to learn how to use the glass in the molds with the correct placement for features as well as kiln temperatures to achieve the glass movement into the mold without over firing. I want nice crisp features in the face without devitrification.

The beginning of another mask with estimates for the features. The ring around the outside will create a lattice so I can add beads, metal hair & any other ornaments. Here she is after the firing. The lattice is curled under so you can't see if from this angle but it turned out nicely.

Here's another mask that I found in the cast-off bin. I probably started this over 10 years ago. This is the problem when one is a production artist ~ I get started on new concepts but if contracts & commissions come in that becomes the focus. Money talks my dears!

Overall, I think these are all pretty ugly but I've learned a lot in the process. It takes a lot of work, trial & error, to create pieces that look effortless. These are getting there but I think it's time to get out the glass saw & drill & see what else evolves.

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