Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gone Fishing!

It's August in Alaska & that means we've got to get the last of the fishing in for the season & get the freezer stocked with salmon. I love to fish & I love to eat fish. There's nothing better than fresh salmon off the grill ~ yum!

Last week my family went fishing although we did it in different ways. Big Daddy went to fish camp for a work retreat & I went into the studio & whipped up some fish. These little glass fry are so darn cute & look fun hung in a window as a school.

Here's how Big Daddy started his trip....landing on the beach across the inlet from Anchorage. It's about an hour flight SW of Anchorage.

First catch of the day! Good going!

There's lots of competition for the fish so be alert! Fortunately, there's a care taker at the camp who patrols with a rifle just in case the bears decide that it's easier to take fish from you than fish for it themselves!

A pretty dolly varden. Did you know that dolly varden & rainbow trout are in the salmon family of fish? I think trout is only good when eaten fresh out of the ocean or stream.

Another bear watching...

The end of a successful day of fishing!

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