Monday, August 10, 2009

G Street Artist Fair

Saturday, August 15th, I'll be selling my work at the G Street Artist Festival. This is a cooperative venture with the Anchorage Downtown Partnership & the merchants on G Street. It's "juried" (sort-of) in that the Downtown Partnership asks artists to apply & provide images of their work. These are reviewed & artists invited to show & sell if their work meets the expectations of the merchants & the Partnership.
In the real world "juried" means that there's actually a panel of individuals who review the artist's work & choose quality work based on innovation & technical skill. The reviewers are known & respected. That rarely happens in Alaska ~ here, it's usually a who you know type game or a privately run event & the promoters invite friends & keep out enemies. That's called an invitational & there's nothing wrong with it....just don't call it a juried event. More on this later because it's a fascinating topic with widely held opinions.
I've already participated in a couple of Saturday Fairs & it was a nice experience. A little local traffic, a little tourist action, & unpredictable weather. The weather is always dodgy when doing outside events in Alaska & this summer is no different. Outdoor events are not my forte'. I really don't have the constitution to chase my tent down in the wind & sit in pouring rain or blazing sun for over 10 hours in a day. I'd rather be in my studio or puttering around the garden~ even in the rain.
Maybe it's something that my shop boy can help with in the future?

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