Monday, June 22, 2009

Solstice & Myths

Solstice has come & gone. Something we really look forward to as we're gaining minutes of daylight & now we're on the other side gradually losing minutes everyday. The Solstice is celebrated in Alaska in a multitude of ways. I have participated in the fundraising festival for AWAIC (Abused Women's Aid in Crisis) on this weekend since in the late 80's. It's one of my favorite festivals & it's for a great cause.

I had some interesting conversations with people over the course of the two days so I thought I'd address some of the myths I heard & was questioned about since I've closed the store in January ~

Top 3 Myths:
1. "I heard you left the state"
2. "I heard you got divorced"
3. "I heard something happened to your son"

All of the above are FALSE. Rest assured that all is well with my family. I used to be surprised when people would say or ask things like this but after working in retail for 10 years nothing surprises me anymore. People seem to have a desire to believe the worst. I am concentrating on the positive! Life is good.

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