Thursday, June 11, 2009

Accordion Gig

It's the second Tuesday of the month so it's our gig day at the Horizon House. It's actually Jill's gig & I just do back-up. I'm sort of her doo-bopp girl.

This past Tuesday we were joined by "Lee." He's the mystery man of the sax & flute. He just shows up & plays with us. We love it! Blue Moon was especially juicy with Lee on the sax.

Look at Jill (on the left) singing! She has a great voice & can play the accordion, sing & / or play the harmonica at the same time. It's amazing ~ truly. The accordion is challenging but such a fun instrument to play.

I'm on the right. I think I look a little too serious. Yes? I'm concentrating. I need to memorize more of my music so I can look up & smile at the crowd.

I had such a good time playing for the elders. Thanks for inviting me Jill! And thanks Lee for joining us. Next week we're at Providence Extended Care & on June 25th downtown Anchorage with the Anchorage Accordion Club.

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