Tuesday, January 28, 2014

AIR ~ Kids & Glass (part 2)

As part of the Artist In Residence Program, I think it's important for students
to participate in a project for the greater good / community,
but it's also fun to make something to have as a remembrance.
So, how about each child makes a mini fused glass piece?
Magnets anyone?
Who doesn't love a magnet for the fridge or file cabinet?
This past weekend I had some time to clean up my cutting table
& prep 230 1X1" squares for the student artist's magnets.
Yes, I actually had enough clear glass scraps to cut up 230 1X1" squares.
The cutting table looks a little less messy now.
As part of the prep for the magnet process,
Eleanor (Artist/Art Teacher) & I had to problem solve how we're going to
keep track of 230 something magnets & get them all back to their creators.

Of course, Eleanor does this every week for art so she had a few ideas.
I prepped a kiln shelf with ThinFire from Bullseye Glass (see above on the right).
There's a second grid on the left.
Each student / Artist will place their finished magnet, ready for firing, on the grid
that's on the kiln shelf & will then write their name in the
corresponding grid space on the left.
No problem, right?
 Maybe for 2-6 graders. 
Kindergarteners & 1st graders?
It'll be a study in visual motor & visual perceptual skills in space.
Note to self....
"It might be good to have an adult there monitoring the names & placement?"

Magnets....300 mini but mighty magnets have been ordered & delivered.

Here's a few magnets from other projects I've done for pleasure & clients.
I always enjoy looking through the dozens of magnets I've made or been given.
Good memories!

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