Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wedding Topper Project ~

A co-worker, of a metal arts friend, asked me about making a
custom glass cake topper for her daughter's wedding this summer. 
follow all that? either but anyway...

I've never made a cake topper per say but there are lots of
glass processes, shapes & styles that might work well for a cake topper. 
 It could hold water for flowers or be translucent to hold a lit candle? 
It could be modern or traditional.
The possibilities.

Here's what I came up with after chatting a bit.
The bride's colors & flowers are lilac.

A two piece sort of abstract Monet' like
glass piece that could be used for either flowers or candles.

Glass layout in the kiln with a powdered glass base
(jade green, neo-lavender, white)
 & then various frit & stringers on top with some
adventurine green fractures for sparkle.

Post firing at full fuse.

Post slump firing & mounted on a fire polished clear base.

Finished piece lit!

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