Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Valley Girl Update~

I'm just back from the "Valley."  

I love saying that... it sounds so California!

In "Alaska talk" that's anything east of Anchorage which includes Eagle River, Wasilla (please don't send me any Palin comments) & Palmer...the beauty of Alaska!  

Truly, the "beauty" of Alaska pioneers & home the Alaska State Fair which we love!

I'm not kidding ~ it's a breathless drive....& not only because of the the ice fog in the early morning.  It was near white out over the Knik river & at one point my legs were shaking so much & almost had to pull over because I thought I might pass out.....

Alas, it was only a panic attack. 
 I did have my camera with me but I kept thinking.."if I have to pull over to take a picture someone will run into me & poor lil' bird (William) will be motherless."


Anyway...I digress.  
After the fog burned off it was beauty of a day in Palmer.

Thank you so much Denise of NonEssentials.  
I think I spent more money than I made but she has the most amazing Valentine's Day gifts, fresh made ravioli (served hot...yes, hot baby!) & home accessories!  

I started a pile of items when I arrived & then shopped between rushes of customers.  

Believe me this is a hot place to shop in Palmer!

Photos, address & more to follow...
crisis to deal with at home in the "now!"

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