Friday, February 5, 2010

5 year old Art!

Here's a picture that my 5 year old son, William, drew on his
pocket Etch A Sketch!
I think it's pretty darn great!!
I know you can tell what it is but let me brag ~

It's a pirate ship, flying it's flag right above the smoke stack.
Can you see the anchor? There's a steering wheel on the back
& a walking plank on the front.

As someone who is "Etch A Sketch" impaired
I'm pretty impressed with William's drawing & planning.
What great visual motor skills
my child has!! So proud! :)


  1. You have a creative and talented son! No surprise with two wonderful parents!

  2. Thanks Angela! That's so sweet. Children are amazing ~ we're lucky to have him :) Tam