Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Accordion in the Chapel

Yep! That's right ~ the chapel at Providence was a rockin'!! The Anchorage Accordion Club played tonight & we were gooooood!!! Of course I forgot to take my camera so there's no pictures ~ dang! We looked good too in our matching red shirts & black pants. Jill even had a santa hat on her head.

Here's a picture of part of the group from holiday practice last year (December 2008). I'm not in the picture because I was working at the gallery 24/7 before the holidays. Our group has really grown & evolved. I think we're playing better together & enjoying it more ~ I know I am!

Our next gig is at the Pioneer Home on New Year's Eve for the center party on the 2nd floor. Jill & I play there every month but the whole group will be there for the party so it'll be a great time. Hopefully Will & Big Daddy will be there too so they can be in charge of taking photos. Will's been practicing with me ~ he plays a mean jingle bell!

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