Sunday, May 17, 2009

It was a Long & Winding Road!

I keep saying, "why didn't you tell me the road was so horrible??!?!?" I say this to everyone I know who told me that they drove the Alaska Canadian Highway (Alcan). I'm using the word "HIGHWAY" here very loosely! Now, they just sort of smile & nod! WTF!! This was club I didn't want to belong too. It only took 3 hours to fly to Portland but it took 5 -12 hour days of driving!

Hello people!! IT'S NOT A F&%KING HIGHWAY!! It's a little ole' 2 lane road without guard rails along the cliff side & pink markers every foot to identify road damage. The road was definitely the worst in British Columbia & the so called Milepost is outdated & useless. All of the road stops outside of a town (pop 5,000) were closed! Most have permanently closed & are not re-opening due to less traffic on the road, the economy or both. We nearly ran out of gas twice! There just wasn't another gas station open & in business between points on the road. The Milepost kept telling us there was but the wasn't!! Milepost BAD....very BAD!!

I have a need to rant about the Milepost but I may save that for my travel partner, Judy. No this isn't a picture of Judy it's a picture of my other travel companion the lovely, Molly.

We saw a lot of wildlife along the highway. After I get my photos downloaded I'll post about some of the wildlife along the road.

If anyone has any road stories (I am not calling it the "highway") I'd love to hear them ~ For now I'm happy to be home in own little world. Have a good Sunday everyone!

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