Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chango Spasiuk ~

You're probably thinking "what is a Chango Spasiuk?." Chango Spasiuk is an accordion player ~ a fabulous accordion player. This past week the New York Times gave his new CD, "Pynaadi': Los Descalzos" (World Village), a rave review.

I first heard his music a few weeks ago on National Public Radio. His new CD was reviewed & a number of the cuts played. I like to listen to NPR during the day while I'm working in the studio & my ears perked up when I heard the accordion music & then I got hooked on the review & the interview.

Chango is an Argentine accordionist & the grandson of Ukrainian immigrants. He grew up on "Chamame" which is a musical style from the region where Argentina borders Brazil & Paraguay. He plays with a quintet including violin, cello, guitar & percussion. Some of the cuts include vocals.
It's a great CD ~ check it out!

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